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About Me

Hey I am Roeche, the owner and digital artist behind The Makery Co.
I am passionate about creating and helping people, businesses & entrepreneurs put their ideas into great designs that speak to their target market.

I love to tell my clients’ stories through thoughtful & deliberate design.
I believe visuals, be it Brand or Design, should be simple & meaningful.

A full-service Branding & Digital Marketing Agency

+27 72 947 7815 //

What I do


Creating a new unique brand or retouching an old identity, we will give you all your company needs. The Makery offers brand management in addition to marketing and collateral strategy development, ensuring brand consistency and effective implementation.


Creating brand awareness through design is what we do. Building campaigns across digital and traditional media with a consistent theme, we aim to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.


Looking for something else? Digital marketing is one of the most successful advertising tools today. From video, ads, apps and animation to social media adverting, these methods produce powerful results across industries, providing meaningful and relevant user experiences.


Whether you want a new website, redesign your existing website or just need some help to increase web traffic. The Makery can assist in content creation and delivery of an exceptional website that can help generate business. We also offer great solutions for monthly website management, saving you time.


Driving traffic through Social Media is a very effective advertising method. So we help you from page creation to building campaigns across social platforms that enhances brands and engages your target clients, creating positive brand awareness and building a community around your product or service.


Graphic illustration applies the classic design principles of color, form, shapes, and layouts to organize and showcase original artwork and help to express ideas visually, clarify concepts, sell products, educate and promote. Alongside digital and traditional illustration, we do cartoons, animation, animated instructional videos and caricatures.

We help you discover & visualize a strategy that will get you moving in the right direction & give you the confidence to stay on track. The Makery provides expertise in Visual Design that adapts to your unique context & needs.



Get the latest news from The Makery regarding branding and web services, maybe get some freebies and offerings. too. You might get some cool stuff, so go ahead, it’s free!

What my clients say

Pink Lemon // Renee Beck

Working with Roeche really opened my eyes to the benefits of having a seriously talented, professional designer on board to design our event ads and social media posts. Having The Makery Co take on all our work means that she constantly thinks about how everything fits together, and has been instrumental in our having a unified brand. Roeche has truly become and indispensable member of our external team. She is not only a gifted designer, but a real pleasure to work with.

Handmade on a Hill // Rentia Schwim

Recently, The Makery created a logo for our new business, Handmade on a Hill. We could not be happier with Roeche’s work. Our brand is everything we wanted and more. The Makery also created our Facebook page and helped us manage and understand our Social Media. Thank you for making this scary new adventure into a fun and easy one!

Bean Productions // Blu & Dean

Yes, need I say more? Our logo is unbelievable, our corporate identity is unbelievable, our website is unbelievable! It works great, it looks great, and best of all, it makes us look great. Brilliant minds working alongside you to create exactly what you want, and (without realizing) exactly what you need. I was surprised by the services given in such a small amount of time, AND I’ve been given more than was asked. Thank you.

Drom Monster // Koot Human

We started working with The Makery in 2017, and I have to say that it transformed the way we look at marketing. The Makery works very hard, not only giving us what we asked for, but went above and beyond to give us all the little extras that they know we needed but we did not know to ask for. Their professionalism and talent is astounding. Looking forward to working with you in the future on many many new and exciting projects.

The Hacky Shack // Hank

Awesome! They did everything we wanted the way we wanted it, sticking with a tongue in cheek casual feel throughout while keeping the look professional. The Makery took care of all the designs, printing and photos, created an e-commerce site and set up facebook. Our journey started in 2013 and we haven’t looked back since (maybe it is time for a website refresh).

Say Hello!

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